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Glossary of skateboard terms for all you newbies

First things first.... Are you a Regular or a Goofy? aka righty or lefty... do you even know right from left? ok hold up your thumbs and index fingers in front of you to make an L shape... get it yet?

Skateboarding is one of those thigns that you cant leanr in one day or just get on your first try. Some people have a talent for it and pick it up easily, whereas others could spend their life working on it and never grasp the skills needed to be any good... inotherwords you would be a miserable failure, just kidding, maybe.

learn to skate and balance on wheels

Have you ever tried rollerblading? or skating? skiing? snowboarding? any of these will give you an advantage if you're a beginner boarder. They all have some skills and concepts in common and practicing them can really help tech yourself some basics before you go out and make a fool of yourself.

Tools and Materials

  • skateboard
  • pads, elbow & knees
  • helmet
  • wax- for more experienced skaters
  • a location


Click the glossary link or new page link on the left and you'll be taken to a world of terms and phrases you should know